Web App Development Services

Becoming a mentee in NextJS means you'll be learning some of the latest and leading technology in web and app development as well as opening doors in the development community to meet new people and build amazing things. Pay only what you can.


Web App Development Services

My name is Topher and I’m here to teach you NextJS and many other powerful tools that come along with it. I have 20 years of experience building web applications and phone apps via my web app development services. I started as a mentor because I want to make connections with other developers and give them the tools they need to develop the tools their future clients will need to shape the world for the better.

Why NextJS?

Javascript has become one of the top leaders in development. Javascript and Node are blazing fast and easy to work with and understand. NextJS makes it easy to build pre-rendered, full-stack, SEO-friendly applications with NodeJS. The power of Javascript, NodeJS, and NextJS make meeting the needs of a growing complex internet a piece of cake. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about building a NextJS app and API.

Build a Relationship

It is my goal to motivate other developers to exceed well past their potential, think critically, and create people-driven web applications and other products. The development community is a great place to learn how to create. I want to extend my knowledge to people who are interested in creating community-driven and useful apps. Having a mentor means you’ll learn to code, but also think about how to build relationships so you can find and help clients.

Sliding Scale

You heard me! There’s more to this than just money. Your contributions are appreciated. So, pay what you can, and let’s get to building incredible things together.

Just email topher@stupendousweb.com to apply.

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Web App Development Services
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Web App Development ServicesWeb App Development ServicesWeb App Development ServicesWeb App Development ServicesWeb App Development Services
Web App Development Services

Web App Development Services