• Your Creative Brief

    This free tool will help you find your audience, refine your product, and create solutions for your customers. Answer six brief questions and receive your free PDF download and access two free consultations. Doing this will allow me to have your mission, values, product, and objectives always in the back of my head as I tinker with the ones and zeros of your new website, web app, or phone app.

  • Values


    You might find it surprising, but your values can show up visually and in the functionality of your website. Understanding these will help me to convey your message and voice to your customers and audiences.

    What are your or your organization’s top 1-3 values.
  • Communities


    Knowing how to speak the language of your audience is important when conveying your message. This will help me to make the design, copy, media, and even functionality of your website more accessible to everyone.

    What are the top communities that you and your product serve?
  • Product


    It’s time for your elevator pitch! Every line of code on your website should pitch your product.

    Think about your values and what communities you serve and tell me about your product. Keep it clear and tell me about what problems it will solve for your customers!
  • Action


    Let’s make your website more than just something stylish on the internet. A call to action is any action you want a visitor to your website to take. It could be signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a new gadget. This will help me guide visitors to your website to do what it is you need them to.

    What is your number one call to action for this project and are there any other secondary calls to action you’d like to implement?
  • Culture


    Tell me a bit about your company culture. Is it just you or do you have a team? How long have you been doing your work?
  • Tech


    Do you have a domain name? Do you lease or own a server? Do you have login credentials for both?

Let's Go!

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