What is Green Marketing?

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What is Green Marketing?

Your green marketing strategy can reach new and awesome audiences. You’ll really want to work with these people. First and foremost though, green marketing starts by being green. Sometimes businesses, especially big corporations, use “green” as a buzzword to try and gain customer trust and improve their reputation. So, be sure before you start using green marketing that you’re actually green in your practices. This means creating a product or service the environment can sustain, not polluting or emitting carbon into the atmosphere, nor destroying plant and animal life. This also means purveying the ideas and values of anti-climate change and sustainability. Okay! So, what is green marketing? Green marketing is when a business advertises its environmentally friendly products, services, practices, and ideas. This can include advertising a business’ sustainable manufacturing, non-toxic products, products made from recycled materials, and ones that can be recycled including biodegradable materials, minimal packaging, low-impact shipping, environmental protection practices like minimizing pollution, and even the organizations they fund and support.

Sustainable Products

Overproduction means losing your product. You can’t market a product if you don’t have one. Remember green marketing? What is green marketing? Green marketing means creating a product that sustains what is produced sustainably and marketing it to your audiences. The environment should be able to reproduce the natural resources it takes to produce your product and billions of others as fast as or faster than it takes for you to use them. If your toilet paper company uses wood from the forest faster than our planet can create it, your business soon will be without a product. So why not cut down on overproduction saving some of the materials for future products? Then you can let your customers know that you’re helping to preserve our forests. Their children will be able to keep their butts clean and comfortable generations into the future and be more inclined to support your business and product instead of your competitors.

Safe, Non-Toxic Products

Don’t kill your customers. Green marketing will keep your customers alive so they can continue to support your work. What is green marketing and how can you keep your customers safe? Green marketing means advertising the products you are creating that keep your customers and our planet’s ecosystem safe from hazardous toxins. BPA and other toxins can create adverse effects on the brain, sexual reproduction system, and cardiovascular system in people. Telling your customers about the BPA-free and safe materials in the bottles that hold your fresh, filtered water for sale, will create trust in your product. You want your customers alive… hopefully. So keep them safe and make sure they feel good about it.

Recycled and Reusable Products

Reducing the materials and effort it takes to create your product or offer your service can save the environment, as well as time and money. What is green marketing? It’s promoting your renewed products and the fact that they can be recycled! Why pay for materials to create a new iPhone when you can create a trade-in program to renew old iPhones for sale? This cuts down on hazardous, wasteful, and expensive materials, creates a recyclable product, cuts down on your costs, and, yes, is a good look on you and your business. Your renewable iPhone ecosystem will generate excitement for millions!

Let them Have It!

Here’s another pro-tip; don’t frustrate your customers. Have you ever had to unwrap your delivery three times? Overpackaging is wasteful, destructive to the environment, expensive, and creates a terrible experience for your customers. What is green marketing? Green marketing means not giving your customers cardboard cuts as they unwrap multiple layers to get to their product.

Shipping can also cause frustration and devastating effects on the environment. Deliveries use trucks that use up gasoline, a precious natural resource, and create carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. And, what is green marketing again? Green marketing means creating value in your customer experience and keeping the environment safe from pollution. Combing shipping routes or creating a product pickup program can cut down on gas consumption and pollution as well as give customers better access to what they pay for.

Build Communities

These are just a few thing that will make your business green. Climate change and the solutions for sustaining life on our planet is vast and complicated. But there are so many people and organizations doing great work that specialize in the safety of our planet and our environment. Green marketing can be so much more than what’s listed here. What is green marketing? Green marketing is building relationships with other organizations that are doing their best to repair climate change. Building community, sharing ideas, sharing your products, and also sharing your dollars is the best green marketing anyone can get involved in. We’re in this together.

Even if your product is a service or campaign, think of the electricity requiured to run your lights, heaters, air conditioners, and computers. Think of the paper that’s used. And, think of the gas your employees use to get to work. Things like cloud hosting, energy saving lights, and even telecommuniting all help to reduce the use of natural resources and reduce carbon emissions. And, it creates a sustainable business model that your customers will love. What is green marketing? It’s a combination of doing what’s just and doing what’s good for your audiences. Create a sustainable, non-toxic, recyclable product, don’t over package or ship, and support other sustainable businesses and organizations. Then, absolutely, let your customers and audiences know about it!

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