Websites and Apps for Artists and Designers
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Websites and Apps for Artists and Designers

The internet has changed how we do business, from finding a roommate to buying a car to exploring the world. The internet has also changed how artists and designers work.

As the internet makes it easier for creators to showcase their work, the importance of having a website cannot be overstated. A website is an essential tool for promoting your brand and growing your audience. It also allows you to connect with other creatives who are working in the same field, which can be helpful for collaborating on projects or just getting more exposure to your work.

A website gives you access to an online portfolio that shows off your skills, experience, and knowledge — all the things that constitute what make you special as an artist or designer. In this brief guide, we’ll take a look at the biggest reasons why you need a website as an artist or designer. 

Establish Credibility by Showcasing your Work

A website is a perfect way to show off your work and establish yourself as a credible artist or designer. Showcasing your work on a website allows potential clients to learn more about you and see what you offer. You can also use it as a portfolio, so people can view all of your work in one place, which can help them decide whether or not they’d like to hire you for their project.

A Storefront for your Art

A storefront is one of the best ways to directly monetize your artistic endeavors. With a website, you can easily set up a storefront with a truly global reach. Artists can set up a page with information about their work, pricing, and contact information. Through an online store, customers can purchase items directly from your website, with a payment processor seamlessly integrated. 

Start a Blog and Build an Audience and Community

A website provides an easy and convenient way to start a blog. And if you’re a designer or artist, creating a blog can help your business in a number of ways.

A blog gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience and build a community around your work. You can share your thoughts and ideas about design, art, and creativity in general. You can also give readers insight into how you work and what inspires you. This kind of transparency helps others see how they might be able to apply what you do to their own lives or businesses.

Build an Email List

If there’s one thing that many artists and designers overlook, it’s using their website as a tool for building up an email list. This way, when you have new projects coming up, or want to send out updates on what you’re working on, you can easily get in touch with past customers — and even attract new ones!

How to Get Started

A website is an almost essential tool for any artist or designer. But if you don’t have any experience with website design, how do you get started?

While there are a number of simple drag-and-drop website builders that anyone can use to quickly build a website, they are often very limited in their functionality, and very generic in their design. If you want something that will help you stand out from the millions of aspiring artists and designers, you’ll want to get in touch with a professional website designer.

I’ll help you create a custom website that is truly reflective of your artistic style and incorporates all the functionality you require: an attractive portfolio, storefront, blog, and forms for communicating with your customers and clients. So don’t wait around for clients — get in touch to start building your online presence today!

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