Software Development Services

Do you value meaningful work, tolerance, equality, creativity, and authenticity? My software development services help people like you to engage with their audiences and tribes in creative and impactful ways.


Software Development Services

Hello, pioneers. I'm Topher [INFP]. I'm here to help elevate your projects that support meaningful work, tolerance, equality, creativity, and authenticity through my custom software development services. My degree in web application development from CSU, award-winning projects, and years of work experience are all at your disposal.

Website or App?

Your customers need power and utility, and not just another still, inactive, and even boring website. Engaging with your customers means investing in more than just a website. My software development services will bring value to your product via your new web app. Not to be entirely confused with apps on your phone, web apps integrate the latest web technologies with your data to bring your audiences something better than just a landing page. Don't leave your customers in the dust; give them the latest, greatest, and most value with a sparkly new web app.

iOS and Android

Keep your product at your customers' finger tips. In addition to building something powerful and useful, together we can build something your customers can access easily anywhere in the world. In addition to building for the web, my software development services also include building apps for phones. With the latest technologies we'll create easier access to you and your brand in the form of a iOS and Android apps. Keep your customer engagement high, increasing your product value, by allowing your customers to take you in their pockets anywhere.


Tell me about your values, the communities your serve, your mission, and your objectives! Better knowing you, your brand, and your product or service creates a stronger and more valuable application. My software development services are focused on and centered around your mission and objectives throughout the entire development process. Before, during, and even after production, we'll continue to fine-tune your product and pitch. I will ensure your web, iOS, and Android apps embody you and your values boldly and proudly.


Let's get you up and running with software development services in three easy steps. First, schedule the first of your two FREE 1-hour consultations. After your first consultation, you'll receive a creative brief and project plan. Secondly, we'll build you a secret website where you can preview our progress anytime. Then, when the time is right, we'll launch your apps to the web and app stores publicly. I'm always here to answer questions, maintain your software and make updates to it, and be your guide to making this fast, easy, and even fun!

Your two consultations are now FREE!

Find your audience, refine your product, and create solutions for your customers in the first of your two free consultations.

Software Development Services
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Software Development ServicesSoftware Development ServicesSoftware Development ServicesSoftware Development ServicesSoftware Development Services
Software Development Services

Software Development Services