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At the end of every year I try my best with various tools and methods to assess who I am and my values to better serve myself, my communities, and my clients. Here are some conclusions I drew from 2022.

2022 Review

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I ask all my clients what their values are because I think it comes up in what all of us do. According to this test at the end of 2022 I valued meaningful work, tolerance, equality, creativity, and authenticity. Building software makes me happy but when I build something meaningful to someone it gives me true happiness. Building meaningful web and phone apps helps my clients create a more diverse and tolerant world through inventiveness.

I'm also a mediator, INFP, or at least according to Meyer Briggs. I identify as someone who tends to be open-minded and creative while also taking care in what I do.

I love working with and connecting with people who want to see their values shine through their projects. My software development services are centered heavily around this. I'd love to hear about what's driving you in this new year. We can also connect over music; follow me on Spotify to see what I've been listening to. Happy new year!

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Software Development Services
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Software Development ServicesSoftware Development ServicesSoftware Development ServicesSoftware Development ServicesSoftware Development Services
Software Development Services

Software Development Services